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The 100 things that make me happy

In contrast to my somewhat dark mood of yesterday, I decided to do this meme. Please note that the order of those is very much random, and that the icons, instead, are in the order they appear in my "Browse" feature. Meaning they have no relation with the thing I'm commenting on!

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Goodbye LJ sort of.

The annoying Best Buy popups are the worst thing LJ could choose to put up like ever, and I definitely don't want to buy a paid account again for a journal I rarely use. And really, it's something as horrifying as popups. I was never very active to begin with so it's no big deal, but I'm moving to DW, and you can find me there at [personal profile] despedia. I will still roleplay on LJ, but that's about it.

I will probably crosspost my entries, but I don't know, we'll see about it. You're free to add me to your DW watchlist, and I'll watch you back, and if you want a DW invite, I still have two to give!
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anon meme

anon meme.

Oh and I'm still working on my Christmas doodles and stuff-- I got sidetracked and had a hard time starting out for various reason. It definitely won't arrive on time, but it will arrive. Eventually.
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(no subject)

Despite the fact I'm not much of a fan of the site, I just joined twitter my username is "falshe" if anyone cares-- I don't really think I'll use it much, but I'll give it a try.
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(no subject)

Lucca was pretty chill today! Not much was on pretty much, same old stuff, nothing interesting to buy (aside from a few figures I would have loved, but eeeh, can't buy them), but I still saw a good deal of awesome cosplays. I am extremely saddened that I didn't manage to save the photo I took of a really, really well done Death the Kid. To begin with, he was cosplayed by and actual kid (as in, he was about 13/14)! The wig was pretty much perfect, and so was the suit. He even had guns, and when I asked a photo he made a perfect Kid pose! He was pretty good! I saw a lot of kids around, even older ones, but seriously, no match. Most of them had really bad costumes and wig :|a /me is picky. There were a good deal of Soul Eater cosplayers this year, which is normal since it's just being published in Italy, but yeah, still good. I also managed to saw a Teito from 07-ghost AND an Alice from Pandora Hearts, both of which were really surprising since they're both from series not popular at all here. The Teito was surprised I recognized the costume hahah. I also ended up meeting with a old time friend (YOKOOO GUARDA, SCRIVO IN ITALIANO), it was very cool because we didn't even plan to meet up, we just randomly bumped into each other.

Biggest achievement was managing to convince my sis to dress up as well! I got her to wear one of my costumes, since it fit her, and she complained all the time but she looked very very pretty. I have no photos of her yet, because she sucks majorly, but a dude who took a photo of both of us might send it to me via email. I'll put it up once he does, because she was really super pretty and I'm proud of her!

I was also in cosplay, except I didn't use my C.C. one in the end because the wig was completely ruined. Instead, I used a Rei costume I had, and put my Nagato wig on it. here and here are the crappy photos, except you can't see the costume there :(
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Lucca comics 2009

Entry in italian for obvious reasons.


Se qualcuno è interessato a incontrarmi, lasci pure un messaggio qui con il suo numero di cellulare e ci mettiamo d'accordo. Per chi già ha il mio numero di cellulare, è sempre il solito! Se sentite che è irraggiungibile è perchè lo tengo sempre spento MA domani sarà acceso \o/ Quindi se avete il mio numero e siete a lucca domani, mandatemi un SMS e ci mettiamo d'accordo.

I commenti sono nascosti, quindi se lasciate il numero non preoccupatevi che lo vedo solo io.